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10 Signs You Have Exceptional Mental Strength

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Just a few weeks ago here on we published advice from psychotherapist Amy Morin laying out bad habits you need to break if you want to achieve incredible mental strength. But what if you read the list and were inspired to give your brain a workout, axing unhelpful thought patterns from your life and boosting your resilience? Certainly, you’d want to be able to gauge how you were doing. Read More


Bill Gates Says These 5 Traits Guarantee Success

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If you’re looking for a role model of lifelong success, you can’t do much better than Bill Gates. Microsoft, the company he founded, created a whole industry. At a net worth of nearly $80 billion, he’s the richest man in the world. His philanthropic activities reach far and wide and have actually made the world a better place. Oh, and he also achieved his dream, which was a personal computer on every desk. Read More


5 Tricks to Remembering Anybody’s Name

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What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out — particularly when it comes to garnering new business contacts. When you remember somebody’s name — even after meeting them just briefly — it sends the message that the interaction was important to you. Perhaps no other skill can make others feel as valued, or open as many doors to new connections. Read More

Sucessful do every day

15 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

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The most effective entrepreneurs view themselves as assets. They continually invest in themselves and in their future through continuing education and self-improvement.

If you want to become a better entrepreneur and successfully grow your business, dedicate time and energy to improve your daily habits.

Here are 15 things many business influencers make time for in their busy schedules. Read More