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An increasingly precious metal

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Amid a surge in demand for rechargeable batteries, companies are scrambling for supplies of lithium.

SQM, Chile’s biggest lithium producer, is the kind of company you might find in an industrial-espionage thriller. Its headquarters in the military district of Santiago bears no name. Read More


7 Tax Strategies the Rich Don’t Want You to Know About

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You work hard for your money but, unfortunately, Uncle Sam takes a bite out of every paycheck for income and other taxes. And if you’re in the middle class, you probably think that bite is a little bit too big.

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, nearly half of Americans — 46 percent — believe the middle class pays too much in taxes. Yet, some of the wealthiest people find crafty ways to minimize their obligations. Here are seven secret tax strategies the rich use that you can steal to legally decrease your tax bill.

1. Deducting Taxes for Business Expenses

If you run a business, you might reap enormous tax benefits. Business owners can claim potential tax deductions for some business expenses incurred for vehicles, meals, travel, office supplies, advertising, courses and a home office. Read More