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Raising Money Kick High When Pitching Venture Capitalists.

Raising Money? Kick High When Pitching Venture Capitalists.

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Somewhere in that slush pile of pitches on my desk is an original idea and a bio of an undiscovered leader. And he or she is ready to light the world on fire. But my fear, one shared by many venture capitalists (VCs), is that I may miss an amazing pitch. The pile is just too high.

How then do you get your idea into a VC’s hands? What should your pitch look and feel like? Here are a few pointers to get noticed:  Read More

VC 100 The Top Investors in Early-Stage Startups

VC 100: The Top Investors in Early-Stage Startups

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Welcome to the Entrepreneur VC 100 list of top early-stage venture capital firms — a platform highlighting the who’s who of the U.S. startup ecosystem.

The ranking is based on data from PitchBook, a Seattle-based data and tech provider for the global private equity and venture capital markets. The firms are listed by total capital invested in seed and/or early-stage deals completed in the U.S. during 2014. While the ranking is focused on traditional VC firms, it also includes corporate VCs, mutual funds and other entities, as new players increasingly enter the VC game.

PitchBook’s research process for VC 100 also tracks each firm’s investment activity. You can check out which industries and regions these investors focus on as well as their top early-stage investments of 2014.  Read More

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Insider Tips On When, Where and How to Get an Investor’s Attention (Infographic)

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You never get two chances to make a first impression, as the saying goes. But when you are trying to get face time with an investor, sometimes it can feel impossible to get a chance to even make that first impression.

For entrepreneurs with passion and an idea, access to an investor can be the difference between sitting idle and actually launching and growing a successful business. That’s why securing a meeting with a venture capitalist — getting your chance to make that first impression — can be critical. Be strategic. Mount the odds in your favor. Read More