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50 Inspirational Entrepreneurial Quotes

50 Inspirational Entrepreneurial Quotes

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No one ever said it was easy being an entrepreneur. Whether you’re in the early stages of your statrup, just secured funding for your startup or you are ready for product launch, there will always be those three components when you ask yourself if this whole entrepreneur thing is worth it. Instead of giving up and throwing-in the proverbial white towel, keep your head up and look to the following 50 quotes to inspire and motivate you during those tough patches. Read More

4 Ways to Find Your First Customer

4 Ways to Find Your First Customer

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Every small business faces an undeniable challenge in the early days. No matter how innovative the product or service is, customers can’t buy it unless they know about it. For a new business with limited resources, shouting from the rooftops may be the only affordable way to reach the mass consumer market. Businesses can use social media or send out press releases, but with so many brands clamoring for attention, those messages can get lost in all the chaos. Read More

7 Speaking Hacks to Make You a Better Leader

7 Speaking Hacks to Make You a Better Leader

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If you want to be respected and appreciated as a leader, you’ll need to unify your team through communication. Speaking effectively and consistently is the key to making sure your ideas are expressed clearly, ensuring your team is under a collective understanding, and addressing problems quickly before they escalate. For many people, strategic thinking and productivity come naturally, but this efficiency in communication is a major obstacle. Read More

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Happier and Healthier--and Give You More Free Time

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Happier and Healthier–and Give You More Free Time

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Do you want to be a more effective leader? Fitter, better rested, and generally happier? The folks at TED have compiled some talks designed to help you get there. From acquiring new skills to getting more exercise to freeing up some of the time you waste on meetings, these talks will help you improve nearly every area of your life. Read More



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Jordan Kretchmer remembers what Travis Kalanick was like before Uber was Uber.

Kretchmer was a 25-year-old college dropout with a lot of ideas, and Kalanick had even more. He was in his early thirties, an engineer who talked like a sales guy, smart as hell and high on life. He wore a cowboy hat and referred to himself as the Wolf, after the cold-blooded, coolly rational fixer played by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. He was tireless—always on the move, always thirsty.

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