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Former Apple CEO John Sculley: For Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Money Wasn’t No. 1

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Money can be a great motivator, but if you’re just in it for the cash, good luck building a billion-dollar business, says John Sculley.

In addition to running two powerful companies, the former Apple and Pepsi CEO had a front-row seat to the heated philosophical discussions that often raged between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Read More


Former Apple CEO John Sculley: The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned From Steve Jobs

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When it comes to innovation, perspective is all-important. That’s the most vivid lesson former Apple CEO John Sculley learned from Steve Jobs when the two worked closely together in the early 1980s.

“We would walk around the Apple campus,” Sculley recalls. “Steve loved to walk and talk.” During one of these strolls, Jobs outlined a theory he had developed for Sculley, one he’d affectionately named “zooming.” Read More


These 5 Steve Jobs Keynotes Will Inspire You to Better Sell Your Ideas

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A Steve Jobs keynote was a tightly choreographed and relentlessly prepared presentation, according to the new book Becoming Steve Jobs, by Brent Schlender.

Jobs turned the product launch into an art form. He also leaves a legacy by which entrepreneurs can learn to dazzle their audiences. The following five keynotes will help anyone give the presentation of a lifetime. Read More


Plan Ahead to Be Your Own Boss

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When Lisa Hennessy’s pet collie was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, she prepared a special, home-made diet for him, and discovered all her dogs loved it. So when she lost her job as a manager for an automotive parts distributor a few years later, she saw an opportunity to launch Your Pet Chef, a company that makes personalised dog food. Read More


Want More Charisma? It All Starts With Your Mind

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Quick: Think of a charismatic person. Are you picturing a famous actor? A religious leader? An all-black-wearing, TED-Talking innovator? Chances are your answer is somewhere along those lines, and your eighth-grade English teacher didn’t come to mind. You know the one: soft-spoken and a bit frumpy, yet constantly mobbed by adoring students, even after she made them spend the weekend reading King Lear. OK, I’m describing my wonderful eighth-grade English teacher, Judy Jordan. But look back: Didn’t you have a teacher like that, too, or maybe a scoutmaster or a sports coach? And hasn’t your life been dotted with people who have that special “it” that makes others like them, trust them and want to be led by them?

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