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Former Apple CEO John Sculley: For Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Money Wasn’t No. 1

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Money can be a great motivator, but if you’re just in it for the cash, good luck building a billion-dollar business, says John Sculley.

In addition to running two powerful companies, the former Apple and Pepsi CEO had a front-row seat to the heated philosophical discussions that often raged between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Read More


These 5 Steve Jobs Keynotes Will Inspire You to Better Sell Your Ideas

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A Steve Jobs keynote was a tightly choreographed and relentlessly prepared presentation, according to the new book Becoming Steve Jobs, by Brent Schlender.

Jobs turned the product launch into an art form. He also leaves a legacy by which entrepreneurs can learn to dazzle their audiences. The following five keynotes will help anyone give the presentation of a lifetime. Read More