Become a Leader by Thinking Like an Owner

In our jobs, we often give our opinion from a functional or departmental point of view – in other words, from a limited perspective. We may do it because we don’t have access to additional information or because we believe that broadening our perspective simply isn’t part of our job. And in some situations, a narrower point of view is appropriate. But leaders have to have a high-level perspective. They must think through an issue from all sides and weigh the needs of various stakeholders. So if you want to become a leader in the future, start thinking like one now. If you were the boss, or even the company’s owner, what kinds of problems and opportunities would you need to consider? Who would you need to seek input from? Thinking like a leader doesn’t mean having all the answers, but it does mean always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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  • Jose says:

    We’re doing better than most parts of the coutnry, and we should be grateful. In most prior recessions, NYC has lost more jobs and recovered more slowly. Thank the Federal Reserve for easy money. Thank Bloomberg for good economic planning.I know many jobs are of lesser quality. Does not change my opinion, although I’d also want one of those higher quality jobs.

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