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An Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide to the New Wild West of Funding Opening on May 16

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The doors will open on Monday, May 16, to a new wild, wild West of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs.

Traditional crowdfunding is when an individual contributes money to a business or creative endeavor in exchange for a token gift, experience or recognition. Equity crowdfunding, meanwhile, is when entrepreneurs sell a piece of their companies in exchange for cash. Read More

How to Successfully Negotiate a Higher Salary

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Generally, women are paid less than men for the same work across the world and in almost every industry. Yet some businesses–especially startups–are reducing the gap and are having some remarkable success with Millennial women. This recent study by the jobs site Hired showed that Millennial women are getting higher salaries–about 7 percent more on average–than their male counterparts. Now, pointing out pay inequities for women is not meant, of course, to flip the trend. However, this increase is an interesting and encouraging data point. Read More

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How to Launch a Product That Sells

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There’s nothing more depressing than launching a new product or service and seeing it tank in the marketplace. That happened to Pat Flynn, the host of the successful podcast Smart Passive Income, when he launched an ill-fated software venture a few years ago. While many of his other business lines flourished, his tech foray ended up costing him $15,000 — a painful lesson. Read More


25 Reasons You Are Not as Successful as You Should Be

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It’s just one of those days where nothing seems to be going right. And, to be honest, it’s a pretty crappy feeling. Sometimes there are certain situations or challenges that are completely out of your control (such as the power going out on your block) that can prevent you from being as successful as you otherwise might be. But, there’s also the possibility that you’re holding yourself back because of one of the following twenty-five reasons. Read More

3 smart answers to stupid interview questions

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We have hit a strange period in the working world. We are waking up to the obvious fact that people go to work, and not machines. We don’t need to adopt machine scripts or to stop being human just because we are at work. Work is a human place, and we can celebrate that fact, rather than pretend that people operate the same way machines do.  Read More


Is Falling Asleep With the TV on Actually Bad for You?

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Nearly every day for the past, say, five years, I’ve fallen asleep in much the same way. I lay down, put my computer next to my head, pull up a random episode ofThe Simpsons that I’ve seen maybe several dozen times, and hit play. I dim the screen’s brightness, roll away from the computer, and listen to my favorite fictional family do … something. Usually, I have no idea, because I’m often asleep before the end of the theme song. Read More