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How to Launch a Product That Sells

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There’s nothing more depressing than launching a new product or service and seeing it tank in the marketplace. That happened to Pat Flynn, the host of the successful podcast Smart Passive Income, when he launched an ill-fated software venture a few years ago. While many of his other business lines flourished, his tech foray ended up costing him $15,000 — a painful lesson. Read More

People are hearing 'motor noises' coming from Apple's mysterious lab

People are hearing ‘motor noises’ coming from Apple’s mysterious lab

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Someone who lives nearby Apple’s mysterious satellite campus in Sunnyvale, California, has complained about “motor noises” coming from the facility at night,Apple Insider reported on Thursday.

The Sunnyvale campus has been linked to Apple through city documents, and there’s a fair amount of evidence that the property is where Apple is developing its car that has been called an “open secret.” Read More


Practice for Tough Situations as You’d Practice a Sport Andy Molinsky

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Preparation is one of the most obvious yet most misunderstood aspects of learning soft skills. Imagine you’re heading off to lead a meeting, make an important pitch for your company, or have a difficult conversation. It’s obvious in these situations that you want to prepare yourself for what you’re going to do or say. But what we often miss when learning soft skills is preparing to manage ourselves – especially when we start to feel the stress and pressure of the real-life situation. Read More


Branson, Buffett Agree: This Skill Is Your Ticket To Career Success

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“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess,” says billionaire Richard Branson. In a recent Virgin blog post Branson explains why he believes communication is the skill that will set you apart from the crowd. “Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a storyteller…It is not enough to create a great product; you also have to work out how to let people know about it.” Read More

Why One Man Came Out of Retirement to Start a Custom T-Shirt Franchise

Why One Man Came Out of Retirement to Start a Custom T-Shirt Franchise

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In 2004, Leeward Bean was happily retired. He’d helped build a scientific instrument company, Ocean Optics, and sold it for $50 million. But when a pair of former employees, Christina Bacon and Ron DeFrece, pitched him on an online novelty shop called Uniquely Geek, the science nerd couldn’t resist: He agreed to give them seed funding and advice. And soon enough, this little side project would spawn an entire new business for him. It all began when he stopped into Uniquely Geek’s south-Florida office one day; the staff had just written 100 nerdy slogans for T-shirts, and wanted to print them all. “I said, bless your heart, you can’t do that,” remembers Bean. It would be a nightmare — meeting a silk screener’s minimum order for each design, finding space to store it all. Nope. Can’t happen. The geeks’ response: “Figure it out!” Read More