10 Things to do to Get Selected in an Interview

succeed in an Interview

An interview is a process in which organizations shortlist the good ones and selects the best. However ‘who is the best?’ has always a question for the candidates. Things are pretty simple, but we are so nervous while preparing for the interview that we miss these small points. A famous man very rightly said, “Successful people aren’t alien, they just be themselves”.

Let us solve out this quest of being self and attaining perfection by finding out those very important 10 things to do, to get selected in an interview(believe me the rhyming sentence is just a coincidence). Getting back to the topic, here is what the HRs have to say, regarding what they look in a candidate and what the interviewee not getting selected missed:

  • Patience: The most important key to success. Be patient and listen to what the interviewer is truly asking. Don’t hustle, there isn’t any time boundation. People getting selected are found to have lengthiest interview sessions. May be because they patiently listen to questions and calmly reply without getting nervous.
  • Don’t be Nervous: The person sitting in front of you won’t shoot you. Don’t be afraid or nervous. People are found making mistakes in these two states. I totally understand the interview is really important and you need to crack it, but nervousness won’t help anyway.
  • Body Language: The man taking your interview isn’t just a lucky guy sitting there, he has the experience. The interviewers notice your body language and based on it judge you. Folding hands, crossing legs (spreading too), shaking legs, etc. aren’t a good sign. Be polite and decent with your body language. You can err without even saying a word.
  • The Eye Contact: Be confident and speak to him with a positive eye contact. Believe me when I say, eyes speak and are indeed the reflection of ‘real you’. An easy and expressive eye contact can make you win their heart and express yourself well.
  • Know Your Profile and the Company: Before sitting in front of them, make sure you know about the profile you have applied for and the company you are applying in. This is probably the first and last time you’ll be saying this, but one needs to know at least where the pedals and gear lever is located before holding steering and driving the car.
  • Tell Me about Yourself: People usually make mistakes and start talking about family, their details and etc, etc… he really isn’t interested in it. He simply asked about you, answer it straight. We aren’t in school and we don’t have to write lengthy answers to get good grades.
  • Confidence: Though this is the first place before getting over confidence, but keep the balance. Don’t get excited over some question or joke. They are just checking your reaction. A little friendly gesture is appreciated in context to something, but getting too friendly is nowhere a positive sign.
  • Multipurpose: Share your skills with them. Any company would always like to have an employee they can use for various things. Be it your managerial skills, administration, sales or purchase (but the food and music won’t entertain them, we are talking business) or something else.
  • Your POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Signs: Please don’t say, I don’t have anything negative, you are not an alien. Try sharing a positive point that depicts your strength to overcome the negative you mentioned.
  • A Good CV: I know this should have been first, but I intentionally dragged it to last. Reason is pretty simple, we never forget getting a good CV but please don’t copy-paste things. You aren’t a clone with the same traits.

There are so many online available questions banks which you can prefer (for an example placement questions and read before going for an interview that boost up your confidence level but make sure you are reading the contextual thing not everything.

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