3 Types of Meetings to Stop Having

In order to have fewer, more purposeful meetings, there are a few types that we all need to stop having — pronto. The worst offenders include:

  • Convenience Meetings: When managers have information to disseminate to a large group, they often get everyone in a room together. But this usually disrupts work, and wastes time. Next time, circulate a memo, or have several one-on-one conversations.
  • Formality Meetings: These meetings are called as a matter of tradition or habit. If you have to go looking for items to add to an agenda, you probably don’t need the meeting anymore.
  • Social Meetings: Some meetings are called under the guise of collaboration or alignment, when it’s really connection that we’re after. While that’s a laudable goal, meetings are a pretty lousy way to foster it. Instead, invite people to a team-building activity, retreat, or a party. But make it optional.


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