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The 15 Characteristics of People Who Succeed at Sales

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If you’ve ever been involved with sales, then you know that it’s not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s selling a pair of sneakers at a store, a new heating system to homeowners or pitching a startup to investors, making that sale depends on the appearance, knowledge and enthusiasm of the salesperson. Quite frankly, not all of us have those characteristics in us. There is a saying that salesmen are born, not taught. Well, not exactly. Undoubtedly, there is natural talent, but can you can learn these characteristics and be just as successful? Yes! Read More

How Do I Build a Business Plan

How Do I Build a Business Plan? (Infographic)

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You have a powerful idea for the next big thing, but before you sell it to anyone, you have to get it all down on paper.  It’s time to make a business plan.

How do you know if you’re headed in the right direction? Washington State University created an infographic that provides 10 guidelines to help prospective entrepreneurs organize their thoughts and wow potential investors. Read More


How a Rogue Team Secretly Built Uber’s Latest Project Over a Weekend

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Uber launched a new product last month. It soared slightly under the press tech radar, because, alas, it did not involve puppies. Nor did it involve kittens. Nor pitching an investor in the back of a sedan.

The new product is called UberEvents. It’s a simple concept: It allows an event host to gift rides to guests–and set certain parameters for those trips (so one can, say, make sure Uncle Phil gets home safe one evening–but not necessarily to the beach the following day). It launched November 4, with a blog post saying: UberEvents will “take your event to the next level.” Read More