New Managers Should Develop a Leadership Philosophy

The problems you face as a manager are different from the ones you’ve faced before. Whether you’re juggling conflicting demands, delivering difficult messages, or addressing performance problems, you can set yourself up for success by having a clear management philosophy. “Servant leadership” is one great example. To start thinking like a servant, stop thinking your employees work for you. They don’t — they work for the company, and your job is to facilitate that relationship. So rather than focusing on your personal glory, focus on how you can serve your team, to help them succeed. When you’re assigning work to someone, think of it as matching that person’s interests with a business goal. When you’re giving feedback, think of it as helping someone understand how they can do the best job possible. Being a servant may not sound very powerful, but it can deliver what you really need: influence and results.

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  • Kalam says:

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